Men, if you had to choose?

ok, you have two beautiful women in front of you. one looks as though she is ready to go to the bedroom and the other is the girl next door type. she's cute and maybe not as skinny and the other but attractive none the less. this other girl is thin, and all body. who would you approach?


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  • Girl next door... the added meat is just a bonus.

    • agree..

      something to hold on to

      she won't complaint about being cold (though you can still cuddle etc)

      hugs are nicer


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  • for me it depends if one is only after sex and if the other girl wants a relationship I know I know that includes sex what I'm trying to say is if she is a virgin like I am you know treat me right so pretty much who is not only after sex because I'm saving my virginity for a virgin girl with a pure mind and a pure heart and I don't mind waiting until marriage I'm not that selfish so depends on what you mean if we had to choose and if you don't mind please be a little bit more specific so I know what is my choice yeah like I said it depends I might need a little more info if you don't mind so I understand you more clearly

  • The "girl next door" sounds a lot more appealing visually. Seems like I'm choosing between NIkki Bella(first one) and Mickie James(second one).


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  • I think it depends on if the guy was in the mood for doing or dating. (:

    • I prefer the girl next door for doing, dating, living with and loving on... is that weird? :D

    • No. I think you're good. (:

    • i like your thinking shaun :)