Why wouldn't he kiss me?

I met up with a guy and we hooked up. We have been friends for a long time, he got married, she left him, we got together, then he went back to his wife. About two years later is when we met up. While we were hooking up he wouldn't kiss me except on the cheek. He said it was because he had a cold, but I don't believe that for some reason. I just don't understand why. He said he missed me and the talks we had and the fun we had, but obviously we can;t be together because he is still married.

So he can do other things while he's depressed but kissing is out? He asked me what I wanted hm to do and I told him to kiss me and he just smiled and kissed me on the cheek. That's not exactly what I was thinking. Before we would kiss all the time. Maybe he felt like kissing was too intimate.


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  • I would say it's too intimate for him. He might still have feelings for his wife, or be unsure about his feelings for her and for you. I think he's confused. He wants you and he wants the comfort you offer, but he might not feel okay with that.

    • What I don't understand is that while I was giving him a massage his phone started ringing. I looked at it and it was his wife. He didn't know I saw who it was but I told him his phone was ringing. He looked at it and just laid it down on the floor. At this point he could have easily taken the call it stopped what was about to happen. What does this mean?

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    • He is still with her. He tells me he hates his job, and his life, etc. Our relationship definitely isn't the same as it was when they split. We spent everyday talking and spent as much time together as possible. I just really miss him and hate that I can't talk to him whenever I want.

    • So, you're asking him to cheat on his wife?

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  • He's probly a really shy scared dude

    • He is definitely not shy or scared.

  • Hes probly depressed give him time


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  • Umm.. because he's cheating on his wife?

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