I just don't know what to do about his drinking, help?

I'm dating this guy that lives two and half hours away..He comes up to my town Monday, leaves Thursday after work..We get to hang out the nights he is here

I've drove up there 1 a month about on the weekends to hang out with his friends... I feel like all he dose is drink though.

I'm kind sick of it...Even when he is here, he drink. He is 21 and I'm 17..I just dunno, help please.

and just for the record..He doesn't expect anything like sex and what not. And he takes me out to dinner every Tuesday and is very supportive.


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  • Well my first question is why at 17 are you dating a 21 year old?

    I realize it is not a huge age difference, but there are a lot of differences between 17 and 21 that make it a tad awkward at all times.

    21 year old males tend to drink often. It doesn't necessarily make them an alcoholic, it means they are going through their "growing pains" with a new device they have total access too.

    Is it possible for a 21 year old to be an alcoholic? Yes, definitely, but it is typically not likely if they are new to drinking and are partying with friends.

    If you think he has a problem, you should be direct about it. Don't suggest that he has a problem, tell him that you are uncomfortable with the amount he drinks and that it makes you feel unsafe.


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