I care too much about how other people think about me! How do I get over that?

For that reason, there are a bunch of girls that I have never gone on a date/had a relationship with, even though I wanted to (because I thought people would judge me/make fun of me for dating them) or people that I wanted to be friends with but didn't. How do I get over this. Also, I think that Facebook makes it worse IMHO. How do I learn not to care what anyone else (my friends, family, etc.) think about what I do in life?


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  • Here's what I do when people judge me:

    I go to the store, (wal mart,)

    Go to the " Screw You and Your Mother " aisle

    Purchase a large box of f***s

    Check Out

    And don't give one f*** to anyone ^^

    Lol - seriously though, it's all a mentality. You have to understand that people judge you everyday. Strangers, associates, sometimes your friends, sometimes your family. It's just a part of life. People somehow have this idea that they are superior enough to pass judgment on others - but that's a load of sh*t.

    Who cares about what people think? Who cares about what you do but you?

    So date those girls, make those friends, go to wal - mart and do a little shopping lol -

    People are going to judge you anyway - so you might as well satisfy your wants / needs and enjoy your life.

    People don't run you - you run you ^^


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  • 1. kill your Facebook

    2. or any other social networking site you're on

    3. understand that you only have ONE life. you gotta make it count. do what makes you happy. be with the people that make you happy.

    good luck babe :)


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  • First, you have to get off Facebook. For a guy like you, social networks such as Facebook are poison. I was the same way. You are better off deleting your profile and forgetting about it entirely.

    Second, you need to clean out your closet. One of the biggest reasons you are so concerned with what people think is the fact you have a guilty conscience. Start with your room. Throw away your secret stash and leave no reason to feel "protective" of your belongings. That way you can feel free to explore the outside world.

    Last but not least, you have to work on your insecurities. If you have trouble communicating, do some research and practice your communication skills. If you don't like your body, sign up for the gym and work hard. Make a list of things you want to fix and get them done. Stop trying so hard to fit in. "Fitting in" isn't something you TRY to do. It comes naturally. If you do these 3 steps, you are going to see an improvement in your mentality. Guaranteed.