Choice is between living with my brother, or living with my mum. Here are some pros and cons on my situation, what would you do personally?

Choice is between living with my brother, or living with my mum:

Brother pros:

Great atmosphere,

Girlfriends allowed to stay over

Allowed mates over when ever I want

Feel like I'm in a family here

Mums pros:

Can pay back the 1500 I owe my brother within 3 months

Less rent(by 300)

More food in the house/healthier

Always shampoos/toothpaste, basic things around


Allot cleaner

Bigger room

Brothers house cons:

Very untidy and dirty

Hardly ever food around, never healthy

would have to pay him 70% of my wage each month(paying him back inc)

No lay ins

small room

never shampoo or anything around

mums cons:

Girlfriend can't sleep over

im lucky if friends can come over

step dads a ass on times

mums a bit strict

Bare in mind, My girlfriend will probably leave me if I move back in with my mum because they don't like each other,

and I would 9 hours a day (recently started)

so won't be at either much anyway.


  • Mothers House 100%
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  • 50/50
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  • Brothers House 100%
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BTW my step dad isn't the worst ever, he's just a nob on times, which I can put up with


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  • I voted 50/50 but I guess it should be more like 80% mom's house, 20% brother's house.

    Could you stay a night or two each week at your brothers? (And pay him like two-sevenths of the rent that you would be paying him if you lived there all of the time?) That way you could save up some money to pay him back and have a little time each week to hang out at his place to have friends over. Like stay at your mom's place until Friday , and live at your brother's place Friday night - Sunday morning and then go home to your mom's place.

    • Thanks, Its an idea, but because of my busy work life and all that id rather just be in a settled location

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  • live with your mom, dump the girlfriend, save up money, then move out on your own in a year or two.

  • Definitely your mother, she will probably take better care of you, yes , you may not get as much "freedom"... but when you clear your debts you can always move out in a while and get a place of your own. If your girlfriend does not appreciate your family then it is probably better to move on...

    Yeah, I'd say move in with your mum, you'll be better off. You can always save up and get your own place so you have to live with neither of them :D

  • personally I would rather spend more money and deal with the brother. I'm living with my mother and it's hell. My boyfriend can only come on the porch and I have to follow all of her strict rules. We get along but we do have out issues. I would put up more money and just hide food and shampoo and conditioner in my room. Friends can come over so you can have a life and your girl can stay over. Freedom is worth paying more money for.

  • I say brother.

    Didn't even read the question. Just saying brother.

  • Sure, your brother's house would be fun, but what if you get sick...that would suck espeially if it isn't clean at your brother's house. I think staying at your mom's house seems like the better choice.


What Guys Said 6

  • I say live with your mom, true you don't have 100% "freedom" but you will be better taken care of imo. Also about your girlfriend, if she doesn't get along with your mom or family then dude you should move on. There are better girls out there who don't put themselves above their boyfriend friends/family. Think of it like this, she doing to you like what your stepdad is doing to you. You and your mom were there together first, both your girlfriend and stepdad came in later so they should ask for the approval of you and your mom. It sounds like your stepdad has won your mom over obviously and you are still adJusting to him. But it sounds like your girlfriend just wants to be queen bee in your life, and by bee I mean b lol. Just move on and live with your mom, pay off your debt and save up some money, then get a place of your own and a girl that appreciates you and your family.

    • Thankyou, I really appreciate your input!

    • lol I've had that situation happened. Too bad I don't put up with that sh*t (well too bad for them) so ya... it's all sorted now :D

  • I would definitly choose for staying with your brother.

    I was in a very similar situation. Only that I'm the one keeping things messy, not having all health products constantly, I'd have to pay more and don't have that much food in store. I had to choose between staying at my mom or living alone.

    But my stepdad was an a**hole too. I found it easier and better for everyone that I moved out.

    • I don't think its too similar though,

      the money difference is epic, for 3 months at my mums it will be the same, as living at my bros

      but then after 3 months of paying him back ill have almost all my wage to myself

      living with my bro, ill be getting like 300 pound of my wage for the next 2 - 3 years if I stayed that long

      and plus, step dad isn't too much of a douche, I can stand him most of the time

      cheers for the input though! appreciated!

  • your girlfriend would leave you cause of you living with your mom? Sounds like a bitch. She doesn't want to deal with the hard times so she is gonna give up? Not worth it. Dump her ass. And then move in with your brother anyways cause it seems more fun. You can clean up the place if you want (and he allows it). It seems like it might be more enjoyable, but your mom's seems more comfortable in terms of having food, clean, etc.

    • Yeah it does make me feel worthless. thanks for the help

  • live in your bro's house bro. You'll lose your girlfriend and have a hard time finding another one if you tell them you live with your mom at your ripe age

  • Honestly for you I would try to live 50/50, if that can be arranged. You simply get the best of both worlds.

    • would never be possible, thanks anyways

  • If your girlfriend cannot adjust and look for your happiness than I am sorry to say that you should leave her and she does not deserve you.

    70% of the wage just as rent...oh damn.

    I am sure you could find another girl who would be understanding and considerate.

    So I chose A

    • Yeah thanks dude, the 70% is 500 paying him back, for 3 months straight

      and then 200 rent. so yeah its alot!

    • Your Welcome,mate.