Im tired of waiting and crying over him, I tried everything thing besides telling him, advice?

I Work go to party's talk to other guys but still I look at my phone and wait for to text me again ask to hang out..Its been over weeks and I'm scared to do anything..

i mean by weeks he has not talked to me ...months I'm still not over him..he talks to me every month from January and March we was a thing ugh..


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  • ..why don't you just ask him to hang out? that seems like a win-win, if he says no then you will know for sure what he thinks, if he says yes then that's perfect


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  • just tell him straight up. Guys like honesty and they don't like mind games and silence. It's the best thing you can do even if he doesn't feel the same way :(

    • Obliviously he does not feel the same way he don't talk to me..damn it..and he's gotta tell me

    • he doesn't have to tell you first you know

    • so true..but I'm kinda old fashioned so if he shows a little interest I would just tell him I really like you and I want you..n I'm not kidding I wud

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  • this is going to take time to get over and you will get over it. just give it more time, go out, have fun, distract your mind