How do I tell my date I can't kiss him because I'm ill? even though I want to

so I have mono...and I heard you are contagious for 8 months. I'm not showing symptoms anymore and I feel fantastic but I know that if I share a drink with someone or kiss them...they'd get sick. my mom accidentally got sick because I shared a drink with her.

anyways. I'm going on a date tonight and he keeps telling me that he wants a kiss but I don't know how to break it to him that I'm not gonna EVER be able to kiss him in 8 months. which is a ridiculously long time. I'm getting to know him and we like each other so of course I want to kiss him too I just don't want to get him sick or anything. how do I tell him without grossing him out or making him think I'm prude or have him just give up on me because he won't be able to kiss me in a long time?


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  • tell him the truth exactly like you put it here , if he really likes you he should understand and appreciate the fact you wouldn't want to do anything that would bring harm by making him sick with mono. tell him it wouldn't be forever but just till your doctor says its OK.

    i'm assumming your being treated for it hopefully . he can kiss you just not on the mouth.

    its evident that your at least attractive because you don't get mono from eating lol. so previous bf's must be assummed. and if you are and he wants to be with you then he'll understand.

    also I'm assumming you still live at home with the age grouping of(18-24) your either a senior or recent graduate because youy mentioned your mom.

    however you can make up the kissing thing other ways if you like this guy any at all.

    hope some of this helped

    • wow your assumptions are correct. you're good! haha

    • LOL , I do a lot of reading between the lines and have been told that. . just to bad I didn't get any goood at it until after high school (about 24 years old).it might have helped me some in my dating life.

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  • I have mono...for the third time and I feel your pain. I got it from my first boyfriend. Well, we are not together anymore and I just started dating a wonderful new guy. If the new boyfriend has had it before, he will be fine, as you can't contract it again (like chicken pox). If he has not then he has to make a decision to wait or risk it. Mine finally decided to risk it. Also, there are MANY different opinions on how long mono is contagious. I have even heard that sometimes it is contagious up to 18 months. Some are not contagious in a couple months. Have your doctor do a test and let you know if you are contagious or not. Best case scenario...he has already had it before. Good luck!

    • thanks!:) I really hope I'm not contagious

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