Is asking a girl to a movie automatically mean a date?

If I were to ask a friend of mine who's a girl to go watch a movie, just her and I, is she going to think that I'm trying to date her? We spoke on the phone earlier today and she asked if I wanted to hang out and I kinda feel like doing something that doesn't involve alcohol. So what do you girls think, will she think it's an advance or something?


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  • If it's one of my friends that I definitely don't get a romantic vibe from, then no, I wouldn't assume that it was a date, it would just be a normal hangout. If it was a guy I didn't know that well, then I dunno, a movie seems like a very date-y activity, but I still wouldn't necessarily assume it was one.


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  • No. She'll think you just want to hang out unless you explicitly say its a date. And that label just doesn't work for me. I have never taken a girl on a "date" its always lets hang out and it usually turns into more. Because calling it a date put to much pressure

    • Yeah me too exactly, that's why I'm wondering since it's technically a "let's hang out" I'm wondering if she'll automatically assume this.

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    • Hmm...she is cool, but I am not really romantically interested. Well I have never really hit on her so maybe she knows that already.