Need advice on a guy after first date?

i met this guy on an online dating site and we've been texting back and forth for almost a month now and yesterday we went on a first date. we were supposed to go out last week but I got so nervous I ended up bailing after I saw him and was worried because he was so good looking >.<. and he waited outside for an hour and a half (I know I'm terrible and hate myself for it already) but before he left I texted him and said I couldn't do it and he was really sweet and said I'll forgive you if you come over and say hi so I did. but he texted me right after and wanted to try again. I thought for sure he wouldn't wanna talk to me but anyway. we finally went yesterday and I was shy and he was really quiet for the most part but in general it seems to have gone well. and the date ended in a hug he initiated but I like hugged him for 3 seconds and he seemed to almost push me away suddenly. but when he got home he texted me to say thanks and ask if I wanted to again sometime. he said he was sorry for being nervous in person and not to be surprised if our dating seemed...slow. and that he's "never had more than one date so this should be interesting, kinda excited though :P" and then he texted me that day again to ask when would be good for our next date. so we're going for a movie date on Wednesday. and he's already planning on going to this fair in 2 weeks,going to the river soon and taking me to visit vancouver. he's22 I'm 19. this was my first date ever. he also lives in the next town over (about 20 minutes away)on Wednesday he wants to pick me up(I don't have a car myself) and I'm nervous around him cause on his profile he said he prefers slim girls and that he's a bit shallow and I'm on the curvier I would love some input on a few things

1.should I let him pick me up? friends are telling me not to trust him and get in his car.

2. why would he initiate the hug then push me away so suddenly.

3. any tips for making things less awkward if we're both shy

4.what he means by "if dating seems slow" when he's quick to plan all these dates so quick

5.what your over all impression is and any feedback in general would be appreciated.

sorry it's so long thanks to anyone who read it all XD


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  • It sounds like you are somewhat insecure and so you're trying to read into every little thing and ignoring the bigger things somewhat. I wouldn't worry about these things like the pushing away from the hug that may or may not even be accurate to what happened exactly. Focus on the fact he is going out of his way to keep making contact so he probably is interested. He already has seen how you look and apparently isn't losing interest because you aren't as slim as you think he needs you to be. The "dating seems slow" thing just sounds like him being insecure too. Don't read so much into these things.

    As far as him picking you up, well that's a tougher call. Maybe you could have a friend who knows where you're going and can check in with you now and then to make sure you're OK. But if you aren't comfortable yet tell him you want to spend more time together first. It sounds like he will understand and it will build even more trust.

    I think the best thing for dealing with both being shy is just to both be open about it and make it a playful thing. When you both know you are shy you will be more understanding of it and it doesn't have to be a problem. It can even be cute and fun.

    Overall the situation sounds kind of cute. You are both obviously interested and a little shy and inexperienced. I think you should have a great time and gain some experience and overcome your shyness together. Have fun with it.


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  • 1. If you are worried about it could you have someone drive you to the movies and pick you up?

    2. Like you said he was nervous.

    3. hell if I know lol

    4. Maybe it is his way of telling you he wants to take his time getting to know you and won't rush into anything serious.

    5. Just be carefull. This is the first guy you have gone out with and he probably seems like a really great guy but just be carefull in case he does want to try something (not saying he will just saying to watch out for it).

  • You're looking like a good girl, but never forgot if you like or love someone that not mean you can trust him! ..


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