Kiss Me? should I tell him or ask him about the kiss?

Ok, my neighbor is one of my friends and my crush, he's been coming over to my house for the past week, because I want him too and he says he likes hanging out w/me. we just became friends because I told him I like him and asked if we could be friends. I've never had a boyfriend or even kissed a boy yet. I want him to be my first boyfriend and my first kiss. How can I get him to kiss me, should I tell him or ask him about the kiss. I really want him to kiss me, even if it's not like a serious I love you kiss. I just want him to give me a kiss, even if it's a short one, or even on the cheek.


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  • Flirt in ways that involve you being in a posture that makes it easy for him to kiss you. Talk to him with you face close to his. Look at his eyes then look down at his lips and back at his eyes again (almost like body sign language saying "kiss me").


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  • Just go for it. You shouldn't need to ask. If YOU kiss him first and he likes it, he will return the favor

    • Well what if he freaks out and avoids and never talks to me again? HUH WHAT ABOUT THAT?

    • whats life without a little risk love i agree i say go for it for all you know he wants the same but is thinking the same what if you freak out and run out the door so you need to take the initiative trust me

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  • lean over subtly and close your eyes, or just flirt with him and get closer to him in private