He won't kiss me. Guys only

My boyfriend and I have been fighting lately and now he won't kiss me. He will have sex with me but won't kiss me. He always has a different excuse. His lips hurt or something else. what's going on?

Also would you choose a hott girl who was bad in bed or an ugly girl who was good in bed?


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  • That crap about his lips hurting is just that - crap. If I love a girl, I don't care if my lips hurt, my tongue's in a sling, or if my jaw is completely broken, I WILL find a way to kiss that girl, passionately and frequently

    You mentioned that there has been some fighting of late; my guess is that the fights are making him question things between you two. Of course, that's not stopping him from having sex. I don't agree with that, not in the least. Personally, I'd tell him that until your lips see action with him, nothing south of the lips will see any action with him, either. It's not fair to you that he doesn't value you enough to kiss, but he does value you enough to get him laid.

    To answer your second question, I can't answer that. Guys are primarily visual creatures, so we are initially attracted to pretty women. However, that doesn't mean a thing when it comes to sexual performance. Women don't come with signs over their heads saying "I suck in bed" or "I suck in bed...in the good way", so we can't really choose between the two options you gave. Unless, of course, one was an ex who wanted us back, but that's a whole different can of worms.


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  • he sounds like he doesn't love you, just want sex, lips hurting is not a f***ing excuse

  • We can't comment that if you don't show us your picture, just face.


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