How often should I be going on dates with this girl?

About a year ago, I met this girl at a friend's wedding. We were both in relationships at the time and just struck up a good conversation--nothing else happened. Three weeks ago, I went to a party at the same friend's house and ran into the girl again--who is ironically single and so am I. She told me that when she met me she thought I was extremely attractive and I told her the same thing because she is :)

We both got a little intoxicated and messed around a little bit. I took her home that night, but nothing went further after that. Since that night, we have been texting each other like mad--like all through the day except when we are at work. We went out to dinner last week and it was so much fun. We totally hit it off. We are going out again tomorrow night. Basically, we are both into each other a lot--only problem is we work different schedules. She works Friday,Saturday,Sunday at night and Monday and Tuesday during the day. I work the regular Monday through Friday shift. So basically us seeing each other on the weekends is not possible for now. She is so sweet--when she gets home from work on the weekends, she texts me to tell me she's home and she's thinking of me.

Question is--I know we're going to have fun tomorrow night. We have so much in common it's not even funny.. We like the same kind of music, TV, movies, theatre, sports teams, etc.. We could talk to each other for hours and not get sick of each other.---- so with this said, should I ask her if she wants to go out on Thursday as well or is this smothering do you think? I don't think I can wait another week to see her..I miss her too much! LOL


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  • I think you should wait until the weekend, not Thursday

    • Unfortunately I can't do that..she works on the weekends :( Guess I should probably just suck it up and wait until next week, huh?

    • I see. I thought you guys could grab lunch during the afternoon or something, just for a quick catch up. but if that's not possible, then I would say next week because you don't want to overwhelm her by coming on too strongly

    • yeah..we've kind of addressed that issue because we are always texting each other. I don't mind at all that she texts me.. I flat out asked her if I am texting her too much and she said absolutely not. She said and I quote "you can text or call me any time you want to, I love hearing from you." You're right though..I don't want to come on too strong..She has a large family and I know she goes to see her dad and other family during the day in the weekend so I don't want to take that away .

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  • Go for Thursday, will eat you up inside not seeing her until next week.

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