What should I do about my complicated ex?

Hey guys and gals. So I was dating this girl for about 6 months, we started off sweet and very goofy, and enjoyed each others company. She has anxiety and is kind of ocd, which was okay for me cause I have a great deal of patience. Regardless though, we fought a lot during the end. So she broke it off with me in April for good after a month break, we got in a fight and I didn't contact her for 3 months, we run into each other and she seemed excited and wanted to hang out then and there. We ended up going to the soundgarden show 2 days later, and she ends up calling me sweety (which she doesn't call anyone) and was very touchy feely with me touching all the way down/holding my arm for almost no reason most of the time. She seemed to be flirting and laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep on the ride home. She seems to still have issues with either herself or me, we hung out 1 more time after that and had a great time, but she feels she needs more time. She mentioned that texting her good night was inappropriate and that she doesn't like the direction it's going, we talk to much even though I only called her once this week to see if she wanted to hang at the end of the week.. I ended up asking if it was really worth it, to wait 2-5 more months to just be friends when it may just be fb friends or something.She got kind of upset about it because I mentioned we are putting each other through so much stress. She is probably the most confusing person I ever dated, one second she wants to hang out the next she feels overwhelmed. I guess the question is. . .does she still like me? she was the one who wanted to hang out again and initiated a lot of the physical contact and I felt like it was going okay aside her snapping at me when she got cranky, I thought I was giving her space and suggested we talk about the issues that make her upset so as friends we can overcome them and be okay.Her and I have a lot of similar interests and I care for her and would be willing to test out just being friends, but it seems like it's to hard for her, but she tries to insinuate it's both of us having trouble. I've been stressed over this, I missed her a lot and just want to hang out I'm very confused by her lol. Does she still like me? or is it not worth it, is she too out of herself to figure out what she really wants? she was like this when we dated too, wanted to hang out a lot then would change at the drop of the dime. Please help, I'm losing sleep! lol


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  • Haha funny thing is that I feel like I'm in the same situation with a guy. In my opinion, I think it's a personal discovery thing, and you're right about the fact that she doesn't know what she wants right now. It might be the case that she enjoys your attention and hanging out with you which is why she's being so wishy washy about being together. So even though she does like you, she doesn't want to added (what she perceives as) stress and drama of a relationship. I believe that she cares about you a great deal, just that she isn't ready for a relationship, but that she also isn't ready to let you go. (which totally puts you in a weird spot.. sorry..)

    • Yeah I felt when we interact we keep each other cackling like hyenas, and we have some good conversation and enjoy the same things music and movies. She said she thinks we should see other people when we broke up, and that I should contact her when I can see her with someone else. then she ran into me a few weeks ago and wanted to hang out and initiate things, I don't think she's seeing anyone.

    • yea so if she's not seeing anyone else then its another sign that she just doesn't know what she wants.

    • Yeah I saw her again and she really just acted cold to me so I haven't talked to her since, I feel maybe someday if she can figure out what she really wants we will be able to have a decent relationship friendship or whatever it may be. till then I just gotta move on I suppose lol

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  • If she is this confusing and contradictory - laying on your shoulder and then saying it's inappropriate to text good night - maybe she has more than just anxiety and OCD?

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