If he seems so uninterested, why would he call me instead of text and try to keep my number?

So I met this guy, he seemed interested in me, took my number, and sent me the follow-up text after I met him. We texted back and forth a little bit the first week, but then the second week I found myself initiating the convo's and he seemed less interested and would only send one or two consecutive texts a day and then not respond again till the next day. Then one day on skype he sent me a link on fitness to check out (a common interest), I jokingly told him no its all wrong lol, and then he wrote back lol and just signed off. I sent him a text four days after he sent me the link and below I will outline the timeline of events:

7/16: I sent him a text that said "hey I read the link you sent me thanks." He replied a couple hours later and asked what I thought of it. Then I did not receive a response all night

7/20: He sends me a message on skype that said his phone broke and he lost many numbers including mine which is why he hasn't responded yet and to send him a text

7/22: I see the message that he had sent me on the 20th

7/23: I send him a text with my name and ask how his phone broke

7/27: He calls me for the first time since we met. He told me how his phone broke and then said he never got a chance to read the text I sent. This lasted only a minute though as I was on my way out and leaving to meet a friend so I told him I would call or text him later.

7/31: I send him a text that says "hey what's up, sorry about the other day I was just heading out when you called

Basically what I want to know is why he would still want to keep my number and why he would call me instead of texting me if he seems so uninterested in me. Also, I know he is not keeping my number for a booty call because we live far away so that won't be possible.


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  • You both seem to be bsing with each other- each waiting like 4 days in between texts to get back. Both of you seem to not know what you're doing here.


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