Guys what's the longest time you have ever not texted a girl?

That you had a past with...girls you can answer too, and why you did it?


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  • about 4 months. we talked everyday until he disappeared for 4 months before contacting me again. needless to say I did not text back

    • wow..why didn't you text him back..i don't think I would of either sh*t..unlesss it depends on what he said.

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    • sounds like he might have thought you were rejecting him cause you said you were busy. did you ever make new plans with him when you're not busy?

    • noo..i don't ever talk to him only when he talks to me I reply..and it sucks cause he never does anymore..

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  • Indefinitely.

    Your question is too vague to be able to answer. More detail, please.

    • Had a past he liked me I liked stopped talking for a while..cuz of sh*t...and this was around mid Febuary..every month we talk just for a little nothing he only wants to hang out...i say I'm busy..truth is I am! but I'm in so much like with this guy and the last time he texted me was July 5...wanted to not over him tried

  • I'll never text my ex again...guaranteed.


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  • well I have had guys I have not spoken to for 3 months contact me, one was for about 6 7 months, and yesterday one I have not spoken to in a YEAR. last one called once or twice during that time I just never picked up, comes to say he is over his ex completely its better timing for him, well my answer TOOOO EFFIN LATE