How do you feel when you try to kiss a girl (you know she wants it), but she denies you?

what would your next move be and how would you feel


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  • More info.. How would he know you want to kiss unless you made the move..

    But to your question as it stands.. And like I said I bmwould need more information.. But..

    If I knew.. By some means that she wanted the kiss.. But she rejected me.. Id be thinking one of two things

    1. I was mistaken and she didn't like me like that.. And id step back and wonder what else I was mistaken about

    2. Id feel I was pushing you to do it and fear you might leave because I'm pushing to hard..

    But that's me.. The other option is

    3. Some guys would try again.. But it matters on the details


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  • This situation needs more detail. If I "know" she wants it, why does she not kiss? Either I was wrong or she's insane?

    • because you two had something before in the past

    • What we had in the past is no guarantee that she wants to kiss me in the present.

  • I would get pissed off and just call another girl to come over lol


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  • rejection is never a good thing

  • How is a guy supposed to know she wants it? Tricky ground really, let's not start allowing men to act on their gut feelings because we've had thousands of years of that, and it didn't work out well for us, now we have them under control, lets not encourage them eh sister.

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