Blank texting? How should I take it?

The girl I like had problems while I was out of town

So I texted her when I got home and found out about it.. Less then a day later.. So I Asked if there was anything I could do to help? Or make her feel better..

Exactly one hour later I got a text.. But it was blank..

Im wondering has any one ever sent a blank text..?

Ive sent text with just


but never a blank one.


My thought is she debated on telling me something. But couldnt.. So she deleted it.. But acidently sent a blank one


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  • Have you ever gotten someone's voice mail and heard an option to "leave your callback number?" If she pushed that option, I'm pretty sure that's what happens - just a text with her number, kind of like a page to call her back, I think..

    • I texted her

      She texted back..

      Theres no calling going on

    • Have you ever gotten a voice mail but not ever had a missed call show up on your phone? Maybe the call didn't go through to your phone? I don't know - things happen..

    • Ok.. You seem to not understand..

      There was no calling.. It was all text.

      Even after that she has never called me or awnsered if I call her..

      She only talks to me using text message not phone

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