Am I a rebound? what should I do?

So I have been seing this guy for about a month now, and we do get on really well. I have done some digging and found out he split from his ex of 2 and half years in March. Who is now in another relationship. She was at brighton uni. so he told me the reasoning why they split and this was because she was a year elder then him and wanted commitment engagement and a house and he wasn't ready for this, but I have been told he is very insecure due to being hurt?!?!. Anyway he is always wanting to go to brighton on our dates, she has the same figure as me and same look as me, same colour hair same hair cut and same humour as me!? am I a rebound or am I looking into it a bit deep and he just likes brighton, and its just he is attracted to girls like me? and should I say to him, do you think you are truly over her before carrying on with me?


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  • He could totally just be attracted to gals like you! Maybe he can't believe his luck that he found you.

    • apparently he has spoken highly about me, that I'm a great girl and lots of fun. Am I being paranoid? she also has an amazing figure what if he judges me?

    • You're not being totally paranoid. Maybe half-paranoid. Does he still think about her? Sure, but is that so bad? Isn't that kind of human? I'd be more concerned if he could shut off his feelings like a light switch.

      Resist the temptation to compare your relationship with him to his relationship with her. His relationship with you isn't fake. If you're afraid of rejection (and why wouldn't you be, right?), then take things slow. Let him know you like him but you wanna take things slowly.

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  • i think you found his type but ask him ifhe's over her or if he stil feels hurt.

    Its hard to say wether you are a rebound because its been almost 3 years.

    I think you should ask him.