Why does he tell me he's not going to call?

I'm in a sort of dating situation with someone I work with who I am also friends with. He's told me repeatedly he doesn't want commitment and I'm really fine with that... I don't particularly want a boyfriend either.

This guy engages in some strange behavior though. Every once in a while, he'll send me an email that says something like "this is my last email, call, or text to you until Friday". Now I'm NOT a clingy person at all, I rarely call him or text him... no more so than I would do for any friend. I thin this behavior is really odd and I can't explain it. It's not the way I would behave towards a friend or someone I like.

Any thoughts about why he acts that way?


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  • That is weird. No idea.

    Maybe he's afraid of looking desperate or clingy in your eyes. So perhaps those types of messages are just stating that he won't bother you until then. Or maybe he's signlaing to you that he'll be too busy to talk to you until then.

    My guess is that his previous relationships went sour due in part to him texting/calling a girl way too much. But like I said, I really have no idea. That's a first.


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