What does it mean when a guy calls you 'buddy' or 'best buddy'?

ok so there's this one guy from school, we don't really talk a lot so I guess you could call it an acquaintan. he gives me high five when ever we pass by in the hallway, and sometimes he hugs me and he even asked for my phone number and one day he texts me asking if I have a boyfriend and told him no, since then I had a feeling that he likes me but when I found out he was dating some girl I thot I was just overreacting. about 4 months ago they broke up and now he starts to text me again and he always say 'buddy' or 'best budyyy' and I was wondering if that have any meaning ? I mean I know we're friends but he doesn't have to make it obvious and says it every time


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  • It means that he likes you. He had his eye on you while he was dating this other girl. Now he is making moves on you.