Dating a married Pakistani man

I have been seeing this guy for nearly 9 months and he lied to me about being married and a Pakistani. I am quite an insecure person and went through his phone and called this woman who claimed to be his wife. This was at the beginning and he says he didn't no how far we would go.He spends his days and nights with me and he tells me they have been separated for 6 years. Months have gone by and despite he is quite controlling, a little aggressive, opinionated, domineering(typical alpha male) he's protective he's the most attentive boyf I have ever had, showered me with gifts, takes me for dinner all the time. The downside is he has a high powered job and goes abroad all the time and works late. I can't help but feel so lonely and miss him so much when he's not there but I know full well he would not stand for that if I did that. I'm falling for him big time but feel I'm wasting time as can't see a future as he says it not in their culture to get divorced, they have been divorced islam but not in england. So I guess its to do with money and he hates it when I mention it about him getting divorced and says he will get divorced when he wants too not when someone tells him. If he hasn't after 6 years I don't feel there is any hope and I keep hoping but I don't wanna end myself wasting the best years of my life. So I called it off last week and I regret deeply. I know everyone says but you will meet someone else but no one compares to him and I'd rather be happy as I'm forever comparing other men to him and no one comes close. They may be lovely but they may not have the wealth or success like him and shallow as it sounds that is what I like in bloke and other qualities in his personality that I love too.

Is he using me for just sex as he can't get enough of it and I'm worried it's just based on a physical relationship and when he was single he admitted to using prostitutes so I do worry when he's abroad. I'm a secret to his wife and kids and when he went away for a month with his kids he hardly called when he's back in England he's with me constantly and I do it suspect a thing. So do I hang tight and wait as its about give and take in relationships and although may not have the White wedding I dream of I can potentially have the best boyf although have probably blown it now as it's been a week and he hasn't called me or do I move on with my life.


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  • It sounds like he's just using you. You need to let him go, this relationship is far from healthy.

    • Why can I not see it though. He behaves as though we are a married couple. Picks me up from work every evening, gives advice about my business and career as if he's a father, jealous if I speak to men, Spoils me, boyfriend that uses me but spends money on me ? and tells me constantly he loves me. How can you tell if someone is genuine or fake.

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    • Why does he argue with me and get jealous when men call me and if that was the case and he is using me why des he not get prostitute than me nagging at him and he says this why does he need to burn his blood

    • Because men are territorial, in a sense I suppose, and because he sees you as "his", it's natural for him to be jealous of other men. And why would he want a prostitute when he could have a girlfriend? He may like you, but he certainly doesn't love you.

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  • omfg, he's just gonna run a plane into you! gtfo before you die!

    • What do you think of above what I replied

  • are you from britain?

    • Yes

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    • @7121uc, you just think the only attractive people on earth are white. You are annoying with your comments

    • no, I think all races are attractive.

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  • Married? Don't do that