I texted and called her but she didn't respond back. Is she not interested?

i met this girl in manhattan, gave her my number and she text me the next day. so I text her back 10 min. later and then we start texting each other throughout the day. I call her later that night, she doesn't pick up but she calls back. we have a good chat for 30 min. she told me she would teach me my parents native tongue since I suck at it and she happens to be from the same country.

also, what also is funny. I just moved to nyc 3 months ago. and turns out she has been working across my building all this time. so 2 weeks ago, every time I went to lunch I would go say hi to her. I got her a coffee and cupcake one time and she said I was really sweet and smiled. and then sent me a text saying 'thanks a lot' and I told her ' get use to it' and she wrote back 'woo hoo lol'

but here is the thing, we were suppose to get dinner Sunday 2 weeks ago, but on Friday she told me she had to go to michigan for her sister's labor. I told her for us to keep in touch and she smiled and said 'we will'

but I haven't heard from her in 2 weeks? I texted and called her but she didn't respond back. also , I have to walk pass her building for lunch and notice she was working last week. don't know why she didn't tell me she came back.

did I do something wrong? I thought things were going fine.


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  • Alright, you haven't done anything to weird her out, so it could just be that she's scared, or...does she happen to be shy by any chance? I'm guessing no she's not based on the info in the question.

    So, she either has come to the conclusion that she doesn't like you, or she does still like you, and for some reason is not contacting you.

    I think you should go across the street to talk to her. I realize you don't want to be intrusive; I don't think you will be. Smile, say hi. Say, "I haven't heard from you, did you get really busy? I don't wanna be pain and keep calling if you're really busy."

    "Busy" is code for no longer interested anymore. This gives you a socially-acceptable way of asking her if she still likes you or not, and it gives her a socially-acceptable way to tell you the truth.


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  • I did the same thing to a guy I liked. I honestly just got scared. Its really nice to have a guy like that but the sweetest of the guy I liked started to creep me out a little. If I were you if you ever make eye contact just smile raise your hand like a wave and walk away. That way she knows you don't hate her and got the message and still respect her.

    Hope I helped

    • I really like her. I want to see her but I'm waiting for her to text or call back to my last message. then go see her . she is right across of me and have a lot of common. all this happened so quick.

    • It happened quick for me too and its weird when its that quick. and the guy kept texting and calling and Facebooking and kept calling me on skype. chill out about it. and if its Gods will it will happen. pray about it. god said ask and you will receive

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  • i hate it when girls tease or lead guys on like that