Guys, would you ever call a girl who you know is interested in you, but you are not interested in her?

I'm asking this because a guy has been giving me mixed signals. He takes very long to respond and he seems disinterested, but then instead of responding to my text with a text he called me which surprised me.


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  • well to the girl below we spend a lot of time thinking about what were gonna say same as you girls often take a long time. it is definitlly a good sign if he calls you thugh I don't think I would call a girl unless I had some interest.


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  • Well, the responding part: I have yet to meet a guy, and so does one of my best friends, that responds QUICKLY. Unless there's a good reason for him to do that. That friend, she was flirting/texting with a boy once and he took at least half an hour, maybe even two, to text back. When she accepted his suggestion of going out, it took him three minutes...

    So I guess that's nothing special.

    Play the game to, that's a solution.

    And the calling part, it could be anything. From him being bored, from him playing with you to being interested. But on the other hand, look at the bright side. Maybe I'm not so familiar on the flirting/dating subject, but that friend is and all the guys that played this game were interested. Another best friend, a guy, texts/E-mails back after at least an hour to other people, but with me, he takes ten minutes max and when it's a text he even apologizes if it's less (and with mail, that goes for two hours).

    By the way, personally, I don't like "the game" a lot. My advise in these questions: why don't you just ask him? You said you liked him and that he knows, so it wouldn't be a really weird move. Put yourself out there. Maybe it's hard, and maybe your heart will be broken I don't know how many times. But the same time, you have a lot bigger chance of living away from the borders of the page, more to the middle.

    Whatever you decide to do; good luck!

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