It is an emergency situation right here in a dating site please help

I got into a dating site and so a picture of a very cute girl and when I read what she wrote in her profile I know just one thing that she is the one who I looking for so I send her a message telling her that I'm interested in her and I want to talk to here soon put she send nothing (by the way every time I'm into the site she was offline) so I don't now if she recieve m message or not so I send her to other messages and with no answer too

I'm afraid that I freaked her out or something and I do't no what to do should I give up or what?

I will appreciate any advice

P.S: from girls or guys



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  • She probably received your message, and a hundred others just like it.

    And she didn't respond to yours.

    Now, you send her two other messages, and there's no answer to them either.

    Face it. She's not interested in you.

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    • Not if she's getting 100 emails from guys like you. If she even takes the time to read all of them (and she may not) she would only have time to reply to the ones that interest her.

      If you create a fake female profile on a site like that, (just for experiment) you will see that the volume of contact mails a girl gets, is enormous, compared to how many a guy gets.

    • I think you are right any way

      thank you again

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