Girls - Would you date a guy who isn't really over someone?

So I have this mad crush on this girl who... well she has a lot going on in her life and pretty much won't date me, I still want to keep trying, what we had was great but due to issues in her life she pushes me away. My friend on the other hand thinks I should give up and try to date someone else.

But I think this girl will always have a special place in my heart, and I know even if I get over it I will still love her... when I think about starting a new relationship I wonder how some other girl will react to this information (I don't like hiding or lying in a relationship).


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  • You should still keep dating even if you still have feelings for this girl but right now while she still hasent decided to go out with you yet you shouldn't push other girls away for this girl yea you might still love her and have feelings for her but she's not the only girl in the world that can take your heart there are plenty of girls that you will fall in love with in due time but while you are still single make the best of it some girls might get offended that you still have a crush and some wouldn't care but while you are with somebody for that night, or week have fun with that person even if its just sex still have fun because you are a guy and you seem like a very sweet, and honest guy and there are plenty of girls looking for a guy like you but you shouldn't stop looking for this one girl like us girls we have to do the same thing so we understand what you are going through and it isn't easy but you ahve to look past her and move on because the longer you wait the worser it is going to get so enjoy life while you got it and sooner or later you will know if she is the girl for you or not.

    Good luck I hope you find what you are looking for don't give up :)


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  • Nup

  • I did, he kept talking about her and one day I just had enough, so probablly not after all its not the crazziest thing in the world to want to be the most important girl in your mans life.

    You shouldn't give up on dating but try not to mention her, I don't think that your date would like possibly feeling second best.


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