Nice guy didn't call me. What is up with him?

A month ago I met a really nice guy, he is really nice and respectful , really handsome, he is the kicker of the football team, well you get the picture. We talked and he said he liked me, then he came to my house a couple of times just to talk, he even left his friends once to come visit me.

Two weeks ago I told him I was leaving to go to Las Vegas and he told me that he would see me the day I got back (Wednesday) . When I came back he didn't call, so I waited a day (Thursday)and in FB Chat I sent him a casual 'hey what's up?' he never answered even though he was online for half an hour after that. I was kind of confused but I let it go.

Then on Monday I saw him drive by and he kind of stopped beside my car so I waited a couple of hours to see if he would text or call of whatever but he didn't so I sent him through FB Chat: 'Hey I saw you today, well I think I did', but he never responded either!

I also noticed he erased a wall post I had written on his wall :S

I'm really confused, I get that he doesn't want to talk to me anymore but why? Why is he acting so weird? Please help me!

P.S. What can I do to go back to the way we were? We start classes on Monday and I'm going to see him quite a lot, we have a couple of breaks together too.


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  • it doesn't seem like its your fault at all.

    the not talking thing can be for a variety if reasons. maybe he regrets liking you, maybe he found someone else, perhaps something is going down in his life. all of those could be possible explanations.

    im afraid the only way you're going to figure this out is by straight up talking to him when school starts, bring up the past and ask him what changed. I'm warning you, it might hurt.

    sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear =(

    • Yeah I kind of knew deep inside...I just wanted to hear it from a guy's point of you think there is a way to make him like me again?

    • possibly... but I don't know the guy well enough or the situation well enough to say anything concrete. just don't degrade yourself to be with him, if he doesn't take you there are a lot of better guys out there, ones that wouldn't ditch you like this...

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  • Personally, I would just wait to confront him in person, it makes it harder to just ignore and brush off. Classes may not be such a bad thing. And if things weren't meant to be, then so be it.

    • We won't have any class together since he is a year older, but we will have to breaks together...but I actually want to get his attention back :S

    • I hate to say this, but there is a chance he met someone new while you were away. He may have gotten bored while you were gone and moved on...It seems that the whole non face chat thing isn't working, I think the only way to actually see what's up is to talk to him to his face (Dont worry, once you guys are talking again, you can get him back)

  • He came to your house; he didn't take you out on a date. When a guy does this, it means he just wants to f***. When he didn't f*** after a couple of failed attempts of visiting you at your house, he gave up. Now he's ignoring you because you are no longer worth the effort to him. When he sees you in person, he will more than likely have some dumb a** excuse of why he ignored you on Facebook and didn't call. Right now, all signs point to a horny, athlete player who may even already be dating someone since he deleted your wall post (what is he trying to hide?) And trust me, the moment will come when he will be sweet to you again, but just remember it's only because he has unfinished business with you- the f***.

    And if you did have sex with him already, I am sorry to break it to you but you have been played :(

  • Wow that doesn't sound good at all,he probably found someone else or was expecting more from you but give it awhile until he contacts you.

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