No texts and now I'm freaking out?

So I've been dating this guy for a few months I'm normally the one to text him in the mornings and he will text back. but recently I feel like I'm the one who is always initiating contact or making plans to hang out. When he's with me he's the sweetest thing but when I'm out of sight I feel like I'm out of his mind. I Haven't texted him all day hoping he will at least notice..Is this stupid? How can I get him to put in more of an effort ?


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  • Pull back so he can pull forward. You are making it way too easy for him. Why text you if he knows you are going to text him? Once he sees that you are not going to initiate contact, if he likes you, he will text you or call u. Make him chase u. You're life doesn't revolve around him; show him. This guy may not call or text you as much as you'd like, but he has to be the one to chase u. Men are the hunters. And if you continue to contact him or stress about him, you are definitely giving off the impression that you are an insecure, needy woman who needs his attention and affections to feel good about herself (total turn off!) And let's face it, you know you're not desperate! You're a confident, beautiful, woman! Now make him work!

    • hahah yes I am! thanks!

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  • Wow are you and I in the same boat... You want to take the left ore or the right ore?

    • The right one. OK so I texted him after all day not hearing from him and his response was so stupid! I said I hope your having a good day :) his reply at 11 pm was "ya work was boring how about you?" I replied same:) I called him maybe 30 minutes later and he texted back "hey go to sleep its late" I feel like such an idiot

    • My situation is she'll just stop responding mid conversation, it drives me crazy.

      Then when we're together it's like nothing is off, she's incredibly affectionate and extremely talkitive, mixed signals up the ass.

    • OMG! He does that to me too! and then when we're together he's normal and sweet! UGH! He drives me crz! I just can't believe how irritating it can be. Like I can ask a question and he won't answer! but I snuck a peek at his phone (bad I kno, but if you had the chance and not get caught you would too!) & there are no other conversations with other woman so its a relief!

  • You need to talk to him about how you feel. Seriously. If you want to be even remotely serious with someone then you can't be scared to communicate how you feel about things.

    • I know your right. But it's hard, He acts so careless. Yesterday I was venting about an issue with my family and he was play playstation answerign with uh huhs and yeas and oh's. I was like I'm going to bed, then when he came to bed 3 hours later he said . I didn even notice when you left the couch and came to bed. :(

    • Aw well I'm sorry. Just understand though that he won't fully understand how you feel unless you're talking to him about these things. Most people tend to just let their grievances build up over time until it becomes unbearable. If you want to have a healthy relationship with this person, or anyone else in the future, I would try to avoid letting that happen.

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  • the only reason he would act this way is he's just not that into you. I would go out & meet someone else who would take the initiative to text me FIRST. sure, he may act all nice in person because he wants to be friends, but it seems like that's all he's probably interested in. maybe you could ask him why he's so distant...?

    • I could do that...he does text sometimes. I did avoid him for 1 whole day and he asked me upset why haven't you texted me today? where have you been? I told him the phone works both ways an he should try it sometime. he smiled and said oops sorry. he later did try texting but out of 10 text I send him he'll send 2

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    • That is another thing I've been wanting to talk to him. about how serious this can possibly get. We see each other almost everyday and spend the night about 4-5 times a week. I've known him for about 2 years but we are finally dating "seriously" you can say. I get the feeling he's is trying to shake me off.

    • yeah :/ I would surely have a sit down with him & tell him to be HONEST with you otherwise you can't have respect for him. good luck & be strong!

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