How do I start flirting with my best friend now?

I've had an on and off attraction towards one of my best friends for the past 9 years. At first she wasn't very receptive and kept her distance as just a friend. Then, I joined the military after high school and left home for 3 years and we kept in touch every couple of months or so. Over the years I grew as a person and when I came back there was a noticeable change in the person I am now and who I was then.

Now, when we hang out the experience is more intimate and physical. Last weekend as we were laying in bed (both clothed, she would frequently stay the night and we'd just spoon and talk until we fell asleep) we finally admitted we both had feelings for each other.

It feels like our relationship has suddenly changed and the innocent flirting and joking around we used to do isn't enough. I plan on taking her out on a real date soon but I'm not sure how I should act. I still live many hours away and I would normally only visit on the weekends once a month. Should I try to start text flirting and writing cute messages?

Ladies, imagine you suddenly developed feelings for best friend you had. How would you want to start talking to each other if you used to only talk every couple weeks or so?


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  • Take it slow, start with baby steps. Never be afraid to tell her she looks nice. As for messages add more smiley faces and after a while move on to wink faces. For the first real date, skip the movies, you should be somewhere where you can talk and get to know each other, I would suggest something where you two can have a lot of fun together like mini golf, zoo, or bowling.

    Just act yourself and don't forget to smile and eye contact. If you are passing her something, touch her hand as you pass it. At the end of the date give her a short sweet kiss on the check.

    PS. It sounds like you two would make a cute couple :)


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