How can I tell if I am really into this guy or not?

Well I having been seeing this guy for a while now however we have only seen each other like 5 times. Anyway I am very inexperience with dating & don't really know how I am supposed to act or feel. The first time I kissed him I felted nothing but I thought maybe it was because it was my first kiss & I was nervous then the second still nothing and so on. I had been waiting for my first kiss for so long & with watch movies and stuff I guess I picked up the "there will be fireworks" idea but there wasn't. I also feel that I may not be attractive to him anymore because his appearance has changed (he loss a lot of weight) and he doesn't dress like I would like him to. I don't want to be shallow and I want to like him but this among other make me feel like I am just not that in to him. I ask because I here people say all the time that they grew to like /love the person there with. Do I just don't like him, should I wait it out and see will I start to like him ,should I end things now, or I'm I just being shallow.


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  • I don't think you're being shallow. I didn't feel anything with my first kiss, or anything from any of those kisses with that guy, no matter how many times I kissed him because there was no chemistry. Sounds like you're having the same problem, if there's no sexual attraction then you're not going to feel fireworks.

    My first kiss with my boyfriend now was the whole "fireworks" it left me glowing, I had butterflies, and a huge grin. Each and every time I kiss him I feel the same thing, and I think that's how it should be.

    If you're questioning whether or not you feel something, then you aren't feeling anything. If you were really into him, you'd know it.

    • Sadly I feel you are right .I just want it to work so bad because I can tell he is really in to me and I don't want to hurt him, he is a nice guy and also I once was attracted to him.I keep thinking if he changes this,this and this then maybe I would gain the attraction to him back but this still doesn't explain to me why I felt nothing the first time I kissed him I mean I was attracted to him then or at least I thought I was.

    • I've been in the exact same situation. Once I ended it, I realized I just enjoyed the attention, and knowing that he liked me. I'm guessing it's similar for you.