How can I get over a "one night adventure" and date other people?

So, I went on a trip with some friends and I made out (things got a little bit hotter than I expected) without anyone else knowing about it. I got obssessed with him since I think I've always liked him and didn't know, but I've heard he has a girlfriend now. I normally would NEVER let things get as heated as they did that night and it has never happened to me before...

Anyways, I can't seem to get him over and I haven't dated anyone since that night (about 4 months ago)... I have tons of friends and everything, but I feel really lonley most of the times.


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  • Have you been out actively searching for prospective dates? Go out and make an effort to meet new guys, even if it's just harmless flirting. Dwelling on your past escapade won't help to get over it, but change will.