Why did he contact me again?

Ok this may be long I apologize in advance...Its been about 5 months since I had contact or even talked to my crush ever since March. School is over now we're probably never gonna see each other again because it was our senior year and he's probably gonna be moving for college. We have been pretty close friends since freshman year. He does have my number and I have his however we haven't talked since March. I did think that he liked me at one point but then it seemed like he gave up or that I didn't react in response to his signs. It has been about 5 months I did forget about him since then but not completely as I still have some feelings for him. Now he randomly texts me at 12:30 am saying "Hey its (his first and last name here) from Biology. I was wondering about you..I hope this number still works." Why did he contact me again?

Here are two links to some background to the story...



Thanks in advance...


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  • He actually probably found some help (maybe it could've even be this site) to back off a little to let you relax. Also it was your senior year, so he probably got busy trying to graduate for college. He probably didn't want to scare you or like you said, didn't have enough reactions from you to pursue more.

    If he cares about you of course he'll try to message you when he can and at night is the most time people focus on what they miss the most.

    • Thank you for your help.