Early morning texts.....who do you ususally send them to?

I got really busy and distracted with other things in my life. So I had stopped texting or calling this one guy for a few days. Then early this morning I get a text.

Out of curiosity...guys who would you text early in the morning?

a friend or a potential interest?

Is it a good sign?

It did put a smile on my face and let him know. :-)


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  • This is a great question. I was actually getting a load of very early and very late emails/texts from a guy for a while, even on weekends (including Valentine's day). Problem is I sort of missed the boat there and didn't think he was interested -- I thought he was just being a concerned friend. I'd be curious to find out...


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  • Yes..that looks like a good sign. Guys never message or call a friend early morning or late night. She has to be a potential interest. :)


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  • Guys won't usually text (or even think of) a girl early in the morning unless they're interested in her.