Women, do you intentionally string guys along or what?

Ladies, so I worked with this girl and really like her. We've hung out a couple times - I don't know whether or not to call them "dates." Anyway, I have moved to a new town for school but would like to keep seeing her. Last week I tried to see if she was available to meet up sometime, but she had things going on. She had told me a while back that she had some things going on this weekend but maybe she could slip out for a bit. Anyway, I'm going back for the weekend and asked if she wanted to hang out acknowledging she had other things going on. Her answer was "possibly." I didn't press for a definitive answer. My issue is that if she is interested, she would at least suggest another time we could get together. I figured by giving her an out by saying I know she had other things going on that she could just say "no" if she's not interested. I feel like she is stringing me along. Any advice?

And in general, do girls intentionally do this to guys and string them along? If it's unintentional, have you at least realized you've done it - even after-the-fact?


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  • I'm not sure if I would say she's exactly stringing you along, as much as she is responding to your suggestions to hang out in a polite (for lack of a better word) way...

    For me, when I'm into a guy, no matter how busy I am, I'll figure out a way to hang out with him. Or, if it's really not possible, I'll apologize but let him know that I DO really want to hangout but I just can't. Especially knowing that he could give up and move on.

    It doesn't seem like this girl is entirely invested in hanging out with you. Leave it be for now and actively search out other girls. If she does initiate contact with you, then you'll know she's interested.

    Hope that helped! : )

    • Thanks for the response. If I try to be objective, I would agree that she isn't interested. But like I said, I gave her an excuse to just say no, but she didn't. If you had a guy give you an out like that, wouldn't you take it? I was ready to let her alone if she just said no, but she didn't say no. I'm dumb enough to think that means I do have a shot. That's why I just want to know if there is one.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I'd be stubborn to let it go, too, in case of a missed opportunity. Just let the ball be in her court and see if she contacts you. Time will tell, I would think!

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