How to be bubbly around a guy you like?

I'm a shy 19 year old girl, and this has stopped me in every part of my life, especially romantic stuff. I just met this guy I really like, we've been hanging out and texting a lot but I have trouble really opening up and I'm scared he'll get bored or something.. I dream of being this bubbly/happy/friendly girl who finds it easy to talk to guys, how can I accomplish that?


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  • You're a shy girl. Don't force yourself to be somebody you're not. It's not gonna sound very genuine if you do something completely out of character. He hangs out with you and texts you a lot, right? He most probably digs you then. He probably finds your shyness endearing.

    Shyness is fine as long as you don't look uninterested. Just try to talk more, and smile. Ask him questions, listen.


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  • Break from you shell, let him know who you are and don't be ashamed. If ya textif and stuff sounds like he has so intrest or he wouldn't be bothering at all