Is she still interested? A girl told me she wants to hang out, but now seems unavailable.

After she was over at my house with a few friends I took her home and she asked me what I was doin for the weekend. I told her what I thought I was doing and said I would hit her up this weekend.

Then she said "yea or if you want to hang out some time this week text me"

I kinda took that as a green light, and since its summer and neither of us really have a lot going on I didn't think it would be too hard.

2 days later I hit her up and we made plans but they fell through. But that was fine so I asked her if she wanted to hang out the next day and she said yea. Then that day comes and she suddenly has a going away party for her aunt that is in town so we can't hang out again.

That was today, we made plans for tomorrow now, I figure that's her last chance, but I kinda get the feeling that her excuses are bs. should I even bother?


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  • Yes, you should bother. She may have been just messing with you or trying to make you chase her harder, but maybe the poor girl just had bad circumstances clash together. Maybe her excuses ARE bullsh*t, but she also had real ones she couldn't tell you about.. Do you like her so little that you're willing to presume this without being certain? If so, do go on ahead.

    I say go on that date and don't be bitter about broken plans. Relax and, most importantly, see what she really wants from you.

    Even though she may accept this date, it could be that she was afraid she gave you the "green light" (which she did). Maybe she didn't plan on leading you on, but failed and didn't know how to make it right. Just a note to keep an eye out for her level of interest in you on the date.

    • lol so basically... it could be anything. Well c tomorrow

    • My answer wasn't about "it could be anything", it was about "you can't know, don't presume". I also noted that even if she really isn't interested, she might not blow you of, this time, so pay attention and good luck. =)

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  • Keep trying,ugh I have this same issuse with a guy I like. But my problem is that I don't like parties much so I'm just making bs excuses he's not dumb so I know he knows. I'm just waiting for him to just make it a one on one thing you know? But yeah keep trying s


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  • ugh, reminds me of a friend of mine.

    We'd always make plans to see each other and she would always have to cancel or just never respond to my texts or calls. Then I decide to not make any effort to seeing her and couple days later she comes back like nothing ever happened. it was annoying so I had to ditch her and now she's been asking my friend about me. Sometime I just don't get some girls...Like if you really want to see the guy or if you really like him then quit playing these retarded games -.-

    Wait it out man, if she cancels again then she's just playing that stupid f***ing game that I don't even know the rules to.

  • Personally I have a two strikes and you're out policy with people. The first flake off can be chalked up to whatever, the second is a message.

    But that's just me.

    • Yea I agree, the first one was a bit iffy tho, well c tomorrow I suppose probably didn't really need to post on here

    • I think it's interesting that the women are telling you to be persistent. I would never lol.

    • Very interesting, probably the same kinda girls that lead guys on and/or play hard to get. retarded