Should I keep this going or nip it in the bud since he's so far away?

I met the sweeeetest guy online. So awesome he's literally everything you could possibly want in a person, it's unreal. We talk constantly, really everyday on skype. He's incredible but uhh... yeah, kind of a catch. Really, really, big catch. I live in east coast US... he's from Italy. I met him because he lived in NYC for about a year with a job he had, and now he moved back to Italy to finish his PhD. He says he'll probably be coming back at some point for research and also to see friends but still, I mean... that's freaking crazy. He's awesome but I don't know if maybe I should sort of back off and stop talking to him since it can't go anywhere... what should I do? I'm afraid if we keep talking I'll allow feelings to get involved and that will just suck majorly...


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  • If you truly love him..then space nor time can get in the way of go ahead but at the same time you must consider his feelings...Does he look at you as a friend or best best friend...

    if friend then look else where because the time you could be waiting for someone that could never be urs you could find some nice guy that treats you right and loves you for u...

    If best best friend ask him if he wants to go out to dinner with just you and him when he gets back to the states...

    If he finds himself a girlfriend in Italy or anywhere and it isn't you walk away.

    • I don't love him. I don't know him well enough for that but I do care about him and really like him a lot and he feels the same way.

    • well then...the answer is simple...get to know him better..because as man that has the Determination to become a very loyal and very mentally strong. So get to know him better...

      Also you won't hurt him...all your doing is getting to know him...and if you find out that you love him go for it...if you don't feel that you love him..stay friends...

      -Goodluck and best of wishes

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  • I think it's better to regret an opportunity taken than to regret an opportunity missed. Who says it can't go anywhere? sure short term it's not but you don't know what the future holds and neither does he!

    totally up to you, I wish you good luck with what ever decision you make :)

    • Thanks :) I need to f***ing move to Europe. Why are all the nice men there?

  • This is why online dating is a waste of time

  • I'm sure you'll meet someone closer to home and you can have a "real" relationship with him.


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