Online courses

Has anybody out there taken any online college courses?

What are they like?

How do they work?

Do you like them better than classroom time?

Was there help available when you needed it?


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  • It actually depends on what type of class you take, the professor teaching it, and how you learn. I do fine with them, and with certain classes preffered them, as going to class for my gen ed's and listening was useless for me. And I have no issues reading the book, doing the homework, and learning it on my own, so it works well for me.

    The last one I took was Interpersonal Communications, around May right before I graduated. We had to do discussion topics, usually two a week on whatever chapter we were covering, a paper or two, and then two tests, which if you read were easy, especially since you can have your book right there. I loved it, and it has to be the easiest A I ever earned. Most of the ones I've taken were like that.

    But some aren't. My sister is in a statistics class online right now, and the resources on it are incredible, but there is a LOT of homework on it. But it does teach it well, including homework, quizzes, book access online, and example problems you can work through with the computer. It's a much different format, but it's pretty easy to use, and she has an A right now in it.

    As for the prof., well that depends. It's just like a regular class, the prof. could be great, answering your e-mails and questions, helping if you need it, or they could just not care. Mine have been pretty good, and usually helped if I had a question or problem.

    As for which I like best, well, yet again it just depends. In my major classes, I liked the classroom time, getting to know my fellow students, my department faculty, the people I was going to be around, and will be for a few more years while I get my grad. degree. But there were some classes I really wish they had online, as I felt the classtime was unneeded for the curriculum, mainly in my earlier courses.


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  • They are terrible, you basically have to get your book your assigned an assignment and you have to do it and get it posted on the internet by a certain date. You have to teach yourself and it's a pain.


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  • I love online courses and would recommend them to anyone. I see you're in the US, so I'm not sure where you're planning on taking these courses and I'm sure that institution selection will have some impact on what the course is like.

    I did a few courses towards my second degree online (the rest at the institution), and I completed a full diploma program online.

    You have to be disciplioned to do online courses because it's easy to let time pass without doing anything and then you're trying to catch up. If you follow the recommended pace of the course then it's actually pretty easy. You can do it whenever and wherever you want, all you need is internet access. I've been on holidays and kept up with assignments and readings.

    Online courses usually consist of assignments and papers and may even have a midterm and final exam which is done online. There can be an interactive component where you get a chance to talk with others doing the course and the course professor. This assists in any questions you have about content.

  • Oh god no, online courses are one of the worse courses to take in college. Sure its fine if live to far away to go to the campus but you basically have to teach yourself, the TAs and profs are useless. I took a online course and pretty much failed it, my friend took the same course but inclass and he got a A.

    Online courses are much harder than the inclass version of it, so only take online if you have to and can't make it to the campus.

    • That's basically the reason I'm looking into these. I'm getting promoted at my job and since my seniorty is low I'm not going to get much choice in my scheduling.

    • I have to disagree with you. I found online courses to be excellent and the TAs and profs to be very helpful.

      Present trends indicate that completing your education online will be the norm in the future.

  • They are like college classes and you get credits. I know a couple kids in my school take em because we don't offer AP.

  • it veries every time, if its a hard class, DONT DO IT. if you need a lot of details, DONT DO IT. other than that ur good.

    classes not to take online: biology, math, physicas, CHEMISTRY.

    • The classes I want to take are only math and english, and those would be my only two clases for the semester (and probably the semester afterward). With math, if I can see it done right once I usually get it, are there any like animated examples or step-by-step instructions is basically what I really want to know, or is it a "here, learn this" type of deal.

    • Yes they have it step by step animated.

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