Did she lead me on? I feel hurt and embrassed.

i gave her my number and she calls and texts the next day. we had a great time hanging out.

i dated this girl and things were going great. we met on a different side of the city and turns out we work exactly each other in LA.

all of a sudden she started to become distant from me. I asked her what's wrong. and she told me to stop texting her.

her ex-bf came into town, he lives on the east coast of the US. she is acting like she doesn't even know me. I feel ashamed because when I go to lunch I have to walk pass her shop. I know she likes me but that was embrassing.


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  • You already asked this question before. Stop obsessing over this. It's not like people date with a clear path as to what will happen. Dating is part of a long process of getting to know each other and at ANY point, they can realize the other person is not for them. She liked you enough to date, you dated, you really liked it...her-not so much. So, move on.


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