Question for American guys' romance experiences with American girls?

I’m new to the dating culture of the U.S. I recently had this American girl be interested in me.

She shown it when we first meet, it like the typical reaction when a girl see a boy she likes she act unsually excited towards him.

The weird thing was that she kept staring at me whenever she been seeing me but whenever I went to see him and we were alone, she just talks to me neutrally, no social chats , nothing.

And she acted like she really liked me, she even cried for a while when she thought I was mad at her and ignored her.

What I don’t get is why didn’t she talk to me when we were alone, it was like all professional.

I emailed her and talked warmly but she just replied neutrally. I finally asked why she was looking at me and I felt she just made up excuse and she shook her head when I asked if she wanted to talk about behavior. But she acted happy when I asked if I could ask her a personal question like she thought I was gonna asked her out but her expression changed when she realized it was specifically about her behavior.

And then after that, I pretty much stop pay special attention to her and just been treating her plainly. But then she still been acting like she is interested. She got a make-over and I felt intentionally tried to make me jealous by talking to other guys she's not really attracted to.

Right now, I’m just mad at this weird stupid American girl. I’m familiar with European girls and they are nothing crazy like this. They are sweet, fun, flirty, social and friendly, and they don’t act fake but natural. And no mind games!

I have heard that American girls were reputed to be difficult, and this experience definitely supports that.

I’m just mad at this biich now! I wish she drop dead and just go to hell. She acted like she really liked me and I given her some many opportunities and she just squandered all of them. This biich is a loser! I may never consider American girls again Because of this.

I like to hear from opinion of American guys.


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  • "European girls... no mind games!"

    You think you can maybe send a few over here to your buds in America? I mean, you already got a taste of what we have to work with here...

    • Actually, they do play mind games, it seems easier to deduct what she's doing though...

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  • damn dawg I feel you

  • Where do you live in the US?