Freshman and Senior.

alright so I'm a Freshman and I'm dating a senior who is an amazing guy... and I just want to know your thoughts about this... and advice... :) thanks! :)


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  • I woold say don't fall in love yet because he is a senior and he will be going off to college soon so you don't want to get to emotionally involved or you might get hurt later


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  • 1. You should not be on this site (it is for 16 and over)

    2. It is illegal for him to be doing this...

    3. He needs to grow up and go out to get someone who is a little more towards his age...he is "settling"...

    • two things. I'm 15 and 16 in 3 months so it doesn't really matter. and two... its not illegal he's not 18. and he's actually a really good guy. but thanks

    • You should not be on here..if you are not the some states it IS illegal...and...he is not a good guy..he needs to find someone a little more his age..and you know stop trying to defend him...if you do not like my answer..either do not post another question about him...or do not comment anymore...

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  • if he truly is a good guy and he actually likes you for you then I think that's great but if he's just playin' you I'd be careful, you don't want to get hurt. as for age-wise, u'll find the older you get the less it truly does matter. good luck with your relationship :)

    • thanks! :)

    • not a prob, shoot me a friend request, I love helping people with their problems and honestly I'm really bored and have about a month and a half til school starts

    • Haha kk school already started for us... it sucks! lol I already have math homework... that I still need to do! :)