2 weeks too short time to be dating?

I met this really cute and polite guy about 2 weeks ago, and we started texting and he pretty much asked if he could be my boyfriend! I said yes because he's nice and polite, but today he has to meet my dad, and my dad was like " two weeks is to short of time to be dating someone" so for my dad we aren't dating. But what do you think? To short of time? Or what? Its not like we are having sex yet, so what the problem, if were dating? And we talk everyday, so we know things about each other, I feel dating, is to get to know that person... but I don't know! I just want opinions! :)


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  • I don't see a problem..this guy asked me to start dating him the first night...and we didn't have sex either...ur dad is just being protective as they always are:)

    • Thanks! I think he is! But I like him a lot and I don't see a problem! :)

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  • being with someone has no time frame

    u can try at least to talk more and hang out randomly not so often to check if he's the right one and then your on your own


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