Do you think it's wrong if I ask girls out on dates when I'm in love with my friend (a girl friend)?

So I think I'm in love with a good friend of mine but I'm pretty sure I'm in her friend zone forever so nothing is going to happen between us. I'm not going to try to do anything more than be friends, I don't want to ruin our friendship because I've never had a friend of the opposite gender like her before, we have the funniest conversations and we tell each other the secrets that guys and girls usually keep from the opposite gender lol, it's a very educational friendship that I'm not willing to risk losing.

So anyways on to my question, is it wrong to ask women I think are attractive out on dates if I already have feelings for another woman? My intention is to get over my friend by meeting other people but would girls I date be upset or mad if they knew I was dating them to get over my friend? I am really looking for a relationship also though not just trying to use girls I date.


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  • THIS MAY SOUND ODD , but have you ever wondered why you got put in the friend zone in the 1st place. I'm 64 been there done that kind of thing. so I'm familiar with it.

    most guys like you, and like I was back in the 1960's when I was that age usually came off as

    being clingy, assexual(meaning wanting to establish a firm friendship first,

    however ,... it could be a good thing also reason most girls that put guys in the friend zone don't really see the guy with worth (seeing you as desirable) however the old adage that you want what you can't have comes into play here. you start dating other girls(no one says you have to marry them) just do some dating with these other girls . suddenly your gal pal will start seeing you as someone with worth(potential boyfriend material). areou using these other girls , that's iffy and depends if your looking for a long term relationship or just to be able to date around some to get expierence. no one says you have to fall ing love with the 1st girl you datehowever always cling to that nice guy side of you . people who play a part (pretending their something their not ) are lying to those they say they care about and themselves

    i'm sure your gal pal has probably came to you for some advice on some dude she's been seeing or playcating her when he treats her badly (most likely that 's how it goes normally.

    well turn it around go to her and start saying what do you think of (whatever her name may be)

    she's been given me a lot of flirts and she's sort of cute(to hot) do you think I should ask her out.

    hey the way I see it fair is fair right. ?(it plays the jeaulousy factor) she may not readily admit it at first even to herself but it might be she may see you in a new light.

    all I'm saying is think about it.


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  • It is not wrong at all. If you find them attractive you never know what could blossom, You may like this girl but beware the all to difficult friendzone, If you two belong together it'll work out. Trust me, just go with your gut instinct :)

  • Well I wouldn't like it if a guy asked me out only to try and use me as somewhat of a rebound. If you're in love with another woman, all you can really offer these girls is sexual feelings and not real emotions. It's wrong if you pretend to be some sweet prince charming but if you make it clear to them you don't want anything serious it's alright. Just don't lead people on.

    • I am looking for something serious though, I want to find a girl that's right for me.

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  • You can date as many women as you want to. Afterall, you're single. No one is tying you down.

    If you have feelings for one girl in particular, then spot her as your #1 girl, before the other 2-3 women you're actively dating. Attraction is not a choice.

  • Nothing wrong with it dude, you can like a girl, date another, f*** another, be in a relationship with another, be married to another, have one as your sister, lust another who might be your cousin, love another, play games with another, and use another. All at the same time.