Do girls not like to have casual talks with their dates?

see, this girl I've been dating at work, she doesn't like to call me for casual convos on the phone. we've gone out twice and kissed both times(i've even seen her half naked only covering the 3 spots due to a place we wen to, but no action tho). She looks caring and flirty when we meet at work.(like reach her hand out to me, kept her hand on my arm when we talk, touch my hair when we sit next to each other, touch my abs when walking by...etc...) but she has NEVER called me for regular convo. other than a few days ago she was suppose to buy me dinner to celebrate my promotion, but she couldn't make it so she called me and told me about how her work kept her there and how she was ready to go home and get ready to go out with me but now she's really losing it because of her boss... I'm always the one texting her first(I don't call her for casual talks either because I think that's something girls would do and she just doesn't respond enough for me to call her when we text). none of my previous dates were this passive when it comes to phone game. and when we first started talking on text and fb and stuff, she would always call me hun or babe or other intimate names but when she texted me yesterday to cancel the date, she was like hey man then "blahblah blah reasons she gave me was reasonable but it's like why would you do that when you know we were going out tonight?" and she did not suggest another time to make up the I feel like she's disinterested. (even tho she told me her money is kinda tight lately and she's not the type of girls that expect the guy to pay for her everything) and last time I stopped txting her for 10 days or so she kept talking to my friend sitting next to her while I was on her other side. you guys think she was trynna make me jealous or? sometimes I think she's just playing games, but she would have all these non verbal cues saying that she is interested...grrr. anyone knows what's on this girl's mind?


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  • Oh geese.This girl SOUNDS sort of like me these days.It does come off as disinterest on her behalf or just being passive expecting you to do all of the work.Interest between two people is a two way street.Since she isn't putting in the effort,call her out on it.And concerning the dinner thing,she should have called.

    I can only speculate why she is so passive...Maybe:

    -she doesn't like you enough to put orth effort

    -Maybe she hates calling people and talking on the phone (Im like this)

    -If you see her at work and dates,why have phone conversations too (too much contact)

    -Maybe someone from her past rejected her advances and efforts of communication so now she just doesn't bother anymore.

    Who knows.If you really want to know,bring it up to her.Good luck.

    • it feels so needy to ask her y she doesn't call or text me first you know? actually our working environment is REALLY strict, I rarely see her at work, and when I do, its hard to say hi to her. she did tell me that she wanted to tell me something happened to her in person the other day. but we haven't met in person yet. from what I see, she doesn't go on fb a lot, but does like to phone with her friends. ugh...i'm almost giving up.

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    • but those replies just feel like her being polite, it hurts me when she's not showing any interest of keep talking...sigh

    • All I can really say is communicate how you feel to her.If she does not compromise with what you want or need,then you may have to find someone else.But the channels of communication need to be open in order for any relationship to progress and be successful. I think beneath the fact that she is not communicating,the real concern is that you are showing what seems to be a great deal more interest than her.I think that might be the real or main issue.

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  • It sounds to me like you're more committed than she is right now. When one is more attracted to the other, they tend to want to spend more time and share more with their partners.

    By no means are you needy or desperate. You may be more talkative than she is, and she's just not as much.

    And by no means be concerned or let her actions affect you. She's just being her and not knowing what you wish from her. Don't EXPECT anything from her - that's dangerous, especially if you don't communicate about it.

    It's something that you will have to work out over time, so remain patient with her. She could be going through other stress that she isn't comfortable discussing with you yet.

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