"The woman I'm dating" versus "My girlfriend" less serious?

If a man refers to a woman as "the woman I'm dating" and not "my girlfriend"

I would think "woman I'm dating" doesn't necessarily mean exclusivity or at the very least means they are more casual than if he had referred to her as "my girlfriend".

Or are they equally serious in nature?


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  • to me its saying that he's dating a girl that eventually might become his girlfriend but he's not there yet.

    if he says that he may also feel he may not consider her yet in that postion or she may not feel that she wants that position yet.

    no theire not equal or the same the woman I'm dating isn't mine (yet)

    she's my girlfriend (?she's his property loosely speaking)/

    • Or it could also be just a casual relationship that he isn't looking to get serious in?

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  • If you ever find yourself sweating the semantics you can generally be assured that your boyfriend has given little to no thought to the matter.

  • "Woman I'm dating" refers more to someone he's seeing whereas "my girlfriend' refers to someone he's in a relationship with.


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