Dating someone who's in the military?

How do you know if dating someone who is in the military is right for you? How do you cope with it? What should you consider before saying yes? Can anyone speak from experience what it will be like? Are there things I should be concerned with other than him possibly getting injured or dying? I've heard a lot about the "activities" that may go on over there when they are not working, guys cheating with women (hookers or not) in the country they are stationed and that just something people are saying to scare me or is it something that happens quite frequently?

He gets mad at me because I'm so cautious. Relationships are a royal pain when you live 4 miles from the person. Living a several miles apart makes it even harder. But I talked to some "army gf, army wives" and their stories scare me.


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  • Ok I know about this one of my really good friends and someone I've dated in the past he is in the marines well let me just tell you. That when they are away from home they are a lot of whores. I know for a fact he cheated on his girlfriend many time. I have also ben to one of there family days in Atlanta. Me, him, my cousin, and one of his friend who didn't have any family around here (they all lived on the other side of the us). He tried every way to get with one of us. Then I find out that he is married. I've seen pictures and heard stories too. I'm sure it differs with every man but I believe all they ever do away from home is drink, curse, and whore. Sorry Girl. I know it sucks

    • Wow you are ignorant. One bad experience means that 'Everyone' in the military cheats and whores around? Many of the best family men I have met are in the military. When stationed in afganistan for 6 months a mate of mine sent letters home to his family nearly everyday. He wrote everything he did that day in the letter so that his family would feel like they wernt so far apart, because they knew exactly what he had been doing.

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  • well I can say for my self that if you trust your man you have nothing to worry about I agree there are guys here that do cheat. but there are a lot of guys that don't that are faithful and even discourage the act and I my self am one. I love my girl friend very much and am going to marry her! and would never cheat on her. its hard for us because we don't see each other as often but our love will prevail.


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