He hates texting and talking on the phone?

My guy is introverted and I am extroverted. It took me a while to get used to this. Anyways my guy who I have been with for almost 3 months told me he hates texting but he does it to talk to me and he doesn't like talking on the phone either. I know he would rather pick the phone over texting any day. I have always known he likes to talk more in person, however he's been really busy and I haven't seen him over 2 weeks.

This was interesting since he called me 3 times last week and he talked to me 30 min or more each time. Then this week he called me from work and talked to me for 15 mins. Every time he has called me he just said it was because he was thinking of me and missed me a lot. Then he asked me about my day and other things like that.

Why would he do this if he hates it so much? Does it show he cares about me, loves me or something?


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  • Lol, I'm the same way. He is making an effort to talk with you and it means he likes you. I wouldn't know about him loving you, it seems too soon to tell lol. If I am not too into the guy then I won't call at all and definitely not text him.

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