How do you feel if a woman does not return your calls or text, guys?

I know how women feel when guys ignore them but I am curious about you guys. How do you feel if a woman whom you might or might not like refuses to return your calls or texts after an argument?


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  • It's rude as hell. My ex and I broke up and she has ignored every and all attempts I've made to get in touch with her. Emails, calls, texts, even a handwritten letter. Just straight up ignored. I loved her, she loved me. The more time that passes with her not answering, the more I resent her and won't be willing to give another chance if it happens down the road.

    • Wow I will keep that in mind. If I ever feel like ignoring someone. I also think its kinda rude.

    • its worse when they reply with something hurting .. :( my friend tried to talk to his girlfriend she didn't reply at first and when she did it was ''ur so clingy , why are you so annoying ?'' ..etc :(

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  • Pissed off for a few minutes. Then I just do something that's interesting for me in order to forget about her. After few minutes I don't care about her anymore.

    • I wish more women would stop obsessing and do what you said. It would make my life ( as the loving friend a whole lot easier)

  • i never get to the argument part

    • What if she just need time to cool out because she doesn't want to start saying hurtful things to u?

    • what I meant was that I've never had a girlfriend so I've never gotten to argue with a girl

    • Sorry I was using my phone. I commented in the wrong box.

  • It makes me mad and I think she doesn't like me anymore or is into playing games so I stop calling her and then I usually won't ever talk to her again.

    • What if she just need some time to cool out because she is trying to avoid saying hurtful things?

    • Then she should just tell me she is mad or crabby and that she'll call me tomorrow or something like that. Just not answering the phone at all makes me think the girl is stuck up and treating me bad because she thinks she's so great I'll keep chasing her no matter what.

    • Point taken.

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