Speaking of relationships what is it like dating a writer?

I would like to publish here link but my fear is that they went except my writing since there many others trying to publish writing online and not even my own schools magazines excepted anything I wrote back high school .

What my question is would YOU date a guy who put's god and writing and publishing first but would later make up with money made as famous writer?

also will agawatta except me? it hard to get in I heard!


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  • Well, if you write like this you will find it really difficult to get published. I would love to date a writer, because it would probably inspire me to write more. That being said, if the guy thinks he could make it up to me be becoming a famous writer I would probably think he has an ego problem, because most writer's don't even remotely become famous.

    I don't know if agawatta will *accept* you, mainly because I don't know anything about that site. I do know if you truly want to get published on it, you have to submit your best work and find out.

    • well ,do you think I would submit something like this or are you just being a d*** because you don't have a creativity minds yourself? besides this has nothing to do with my writing.what write on this sh*ttay page

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    • ?what do think about story ramblings which was written by famous writer?

    • the first story on page written on the 6th?

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