First Date?

So, tonight I'm going to the movies with a guy friend, and he's bringing a friend and so am I. My friend told me he was going to ask me out tonight. so my question is. should I kiss him? Or how should I know if he wants to? Thank youu! Anything would help really. :)


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  • if you feel that your date was great

    or if you like the guy

    and he likes you he might just go in for the kiss if his not shy

    or when he drops you off and he dosen't kiss you give him a kiss on the cheek

    that should show him that you like him

    have fun =D


What Girls Said 1

  • Make him feel good about himself! Show him that you like him =)

    It took my ex boyfriend like a WEEK to ask me out he was so shy hahaha.

    Have fun tonight babe! I'm so excited for you!

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