What does it mean when you get called "Rosemary" by a dude?

so the story goes like this. a couple days ago, I got a friend request from this dude I know, we had not spoken for like 4 years. We exchanged numbers & started texting. then he said "i noticed something about u" I was like what.then he text "ROSEMARY" I didn't know what that ment so I just said LOL :) Him & I were kinda close, almost to the point in which he wanted to date me, but my big bro's wouldn't let him. (I was like 16) & he was my brother's best friend. back then we used to flirt, and he'd treat me good.


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  • Are you sure he knew your name? Could be that.

    Other than that maybe he thought you smelled like rosemary?

    Maybe I'm being way to literal.maybe he just likes it as a pet name for you?

    • Oh he knows my name..! we were kinda inseperable for like 3 years... why wouldn't he..? he went out of his way to look 4 me on myspace. and I don't smell like rosemary.. I smell like ralph by ralph lauren:)

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